In the not-so-distant past, business success was defined entirely by money.  The bigger you were, the better; the more profitable you were, the more successful your business.  End of story.

Today, though, society is increasingly interested in how that success happens.  Employees are no longer willing to work for companies whose ideals they don’t support or whose profits come by any means necessary, and customers are quick to abandon businesses that are insensitive or self-absorbed.  In the past, one bad advertisement was an embarrassment; today, one inflammatory tweet can be fatal.

The businesses that will succeed in the future will not be the ones that spend all their time thinking about how to sell more products and services at higher margins.  Rather, they will be the businesses that recognize the common human needs and motivations that govern employee and customer behavior.  Make Your Business Human is a transformative keynote that focuses not on the differences that so many of us seem fixated on (Boomer vs. Millennial, Leadership vs. Workforce), but on four profound similarities we all share.  Organizations which understand, honor, and harness the qualities that make us human will outperform their peers in creating memorable customer experiences and true workforce engagement.

This shift in perspective is not theoretical.  It’s already happening.  If you want to be on the leading edge of tomorrow’s success, then you need to be leading The Human Way.

Partial List of Takeaways:

  • Understand the Four Human Truths and how they impact our behavior as employees and customers
  • How to implement a people-first approach to leadership that will drive engagement and resolve the seemingly endless “work/life balance” debate
  • How to create an environment where fear and failure are not only acceptable, but celebrated as opportunities for true growth
  • How to balance short-term needs against long-term goals in a way that reduces personal stress and improves strategic decision-making

“Watching our conference attendees captivated and responding with loud bursts of laughter to Matt’s presentation on generational differences, I knew we had a successful launch to our 3 day conference. Thank you, Matt, for starting our conference with a great keynote!”

Diana, Executive Vice President