It is no secret that we are busier, more stressed, and often paralyzed in our ability to make decisions quickly.  The result is a workplace struggling with inaction, fatigue, burnout, and some of the highest levels of mental health concerns we’ve ever seen. With no course correction, these concerns are only going to get worse.  While the reaction some leaders have is to over-engineer the solutions and pile on more, the truth is the best leaders understand their role is to harness the power of simplicity to reduce the noise and create space where ideas and true priorities thrive.

In this transformational keynote, Matt Havens shares research-backed ideas and practical, real-life solutions from his time in Fortune 50 boardrooms, leading teams, and speaking on hundreds of stages globally for companies like CISCO, State Farm, and RE/MAX.

Attendees will learn how to decode complexity both in and outside the workplace by adopting and implementing Matt’s Simplicity framework.  Filled with realistic and actionable steps leaders can take to build more presence, more capacity, and more engagement in their teams, this framework is exactly what leaders don’t yet know they’re looking for to lead in the new world of work.  Audience members will walk away with a better understanding of what’s holding their teams back from their true potential and will be positioned to build a culture full of purpose, productivity and accountability.  Leadership has never been simple, but simplicity is clear and intentional and exactly what teams need to be their best in the future of work.

What audiences come away with:

  • Clarity and understanding of what drives human behavior and how we harness the best qualities in our teams.
  • A framework of how to approach every challenge with simplicity and reduce complexity.
  • Tactics for moving from analysis paralysis to action.
  • Real and applicable steps to build a thriving culture in the workplace.
Matt Havens Testimonial