Running a business, leading teams, or simply working within one can often feel like a never-ending barrage of problems.  That’s in part because today’s conventional wisdom usually focuses on what separates us.  Management vs. Employees.  Me vs. You.  It’s no wonder employers are struggling to build a culture of purpose-driven engagement and employees report the highest levels of burnout in history.  What we need is a new way to unlock our collective potential in work.

Designed for all audiences, this inspiring and impactful keynote will help focus audiences not on the differences that so many of us seem fixated on, but on the profound similarities we all share as people.  We need to understand, honor, and harness the qualities that make us human if we want to outperform the competition in creating memorable customer experiences and true workforce engagement.

Blending research-backed insights with real-life practical applications, Matt helps audiences dive deep into how we can approach work together.  Audiences will leave with a renewed appreciation for the value of human connection, how to foster it more intentionally in their lives, and why it’s more important than ever to change the conversation from being about Us vs. Them to WE.

What audiences come away with:

  • Understand and embrace the collective human experience and how it impacts not only our behavior, but the behavior of employees and customers.
  • How to implement a people-first approach to leadership that will drive engagement and resolve the seemingly endless “work/life balance” debate.
  • How to create an environment where people can be their best version of themselves.
  • How to create a place where fear and failure are not only acceptable, but celebrated as opportunities for true growth.
  • How to balance short-term needs against long-term goals in a way that reduces personal stress and improves strategic decision-making.

“Watching our conference attendees captivated and responding with loud bursts of laughter to Matt’s presentation on generational differences, I knew we had a successful launch to our 3 day conference. Thank you, Matt, for starting our conference with a great keynote!”

Diana, Executive Vice President