Stop Overthinking and Take Action

Stop Overthinking and Take Action!

Hello everyone! It’s September, which for me, means it marks another year my wife made an arguably questionable decision to spend the rest of her life with me. As we celebrate 9 glorious years, we thought a good way to celebrate would be to embark on a fairly large home remodeling project. There is literally[…]

Why You Should Write Out Your Leadership Goals

Why You Should Write Out Your Leadership Goals

Hi everyone! Hopefully you’ve had an amazing start to SPRING! (I’m capitalizing it because I’m shouting the word repeatedly at the moment.) We’re finally into May and perhaps closer to putting our April winter behind us. April took me through parts of Canada and the Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Missouri) and I don’t recall the last[…]

Matt Havens generational keynote speaker article

How Your Words Influence Behavior

Happy April everyone! April is easily one of my 12 favorite months in the year, primarily because of a single day called “April Fools!” In my family, April Fools is something of a family holiday. There was the time in college I called my Dad at 2am to let him know I had been arrested[…]