How does cancel culture affect your business

What Does Cancel Culture Mean for your Business

Thankfully, I’m not a celebrity.  I know the money and fame sound tempting, but becoming a celebrity brings with it a host of negative consequences most of us wouldn’t want to deal with consistently (see:  paparazzi).  And I won’t even get started on what it takes to get in shape to play an Avenger superhero. …


Make Your Business Human

I’ve launched my new website and theme around the premise of Making Business Human.  But what does that mean?  Check out this quick video and you’ll see!

how to embrace failure

Now is the Time to Embrace Failure

We’re living in some pretty wild times. The current coronavirus pandemic has closed businesses and schools, pushed widespread work-from-home solutions, and in many cases, forced millions out of jobs – hopefully for just a shortened time period. While it’s easy to let the magnitude of the situation become overwhelming, we have a choice in how…


engagement is a dirty word

Engagement is a Dirty Word

I always cringe when I hear the word “engagement.” And it’s not because I’m scared of commitment. Quite the opposite! Those engagements are pretty cool and I’ll forever be impressed with the ingenuity and creativity people employ just to trick someone else into putting up with them for an entire lifetime. But when it comes…


What is Forced Fun

Stop Creating Forced Fun in the Workplace

Forced fun. The tell-tale sign of organizations and teams struggling with building a strong culture. Why? Because nobody wants to admit their team culture might be lacking. Instead of addressing the elephant in the room, organizations try to substitute forced fun as a solution for the gaps in their culture. After all, everyone enjoys having…


The Reality Equation

The Reality Equation

We’re a couple weeks into a new year and, if you’re like me, you’ve already started to falter on some of those big resolutions and goals you set for yourself in 2020. Like clockwork, each January we all make the same half-hearted attempt to make THIS year the best year ever! Personally, I could almost…


In The Real World

In The Real World: Culture is Queen

Each month, “In The Real World” takes a look at a few stories from the other parts of our lives – sports, pop culture, music, world affairs, etc. – and extracts lessons we can apply in the business world. This month, we’ll look at what might motivate someone to retire at 28, how automation will…


Failed Resolutions

Your Resolutions Failed? Try These!

If your resolutions have already taken a hit in the early stages of 2020, have no fear. A recent study shows 80% of people do not keep their New Year’s resolutions and the majority start to fail as early as January 12th. You are not alone in your failure. The good news is you don’t…


I Quit Social Media for Two Weeks

I Quit Social Media for Two Weeks (and Counting)

December 1st brought the beginning of the Connection Challenge (you can read about it here) and I’m happy to report I’m still alive halfway through the experience. Yay! So far, none of the participants have perished either, so all in all, I consider that a huge win. One component of the experience is a 30-day…