Matt Havens Leadership Speaker

How to Provide Honest Feedback In Tough Situations

Greetings everyone! The new year is finally upon us! As I wrote about last year, we’re about to embark on (or maybe you’re already dead-smack in the middle of) performance review time! This time of year often coincides with a significant increase in general malaise. In fact, studies have shown workplace illness rises approximately 45%…


What Personality Tests Really Tell You

What Those Personality Tests Really Tell You

December is upon us…finally!!! We’ve survived the November elections and returned to normalcy in our daily life: Facebook posts about cooking recipes, pictures of cute kittens, and still wondering why our parents can’t figure out how to use social media. Ahhh, the good ol’ days. (Ok, so maybe we haven’t returned to those days yet.…


Matt Havens Keynote Speaker Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel

Here’s my new sizzle reel! Sizzle, by the way, is a fun word to say over and over. Hope you enjoy!


What Snapchat Can Teach You

What Snapchat Taught A Millennial About Growing Older

Snapchat. I knew about it but never used it. Thought it was just a way for high school kids to send lewd photos of themselves that they would regret later when they realized the photo actually WAS saved somewhere. In the cloud. Or a cloud’s cloud. Whatever. I thought it was dumb. But recently I…