Whether it's generational issues or leadership, Matt Havens will uncomplicate the complex and leave your audience laughing hysterically at how simple business solutions can be. His keynotes, "Stop Acting Your Age! An Entertaining Keynote to Help You Avoid Generational Warfare" and "You’re Not an Acronym – A Practical Approach To Leadership” have quickly become a must-have for any event where audiences want to learn something new while laughing at the same time. You’ll soon learn why one of Matt’s clients has called him “both the funniest and most informative speaker I have ever heard in my life.”

how to embrace failure

Now is the Time to Embrace Failure

We’re living in some pretty wild times. The current coronavirus pandemic has closed businesses and schools, pushed widespread work-from-home solutions, and in many cases, forced millions out of jobs – hopefully for just a shortened time period. While it’s easy to let the magnitude of the situation become overwhelming, we have a choice in how…

Hiring and Engaging a Millennial Sales Staff

Hiring and Engaging a Millennial Sales Staff: The Do’s and Don’ts

Hiring a strong sales staff has always been a top priority for sales organizations, regardless of the impacts technology and changing consumer behaviors have brought to the field. What has impacted the hiring process the most recently is the type of candidate you’re looking to hire – Millennials. As I’m sure you already know, trends…