Whether it's generational issues or leadership, Matt Havens will uncomplicate the complex and leave your audience laughing hysterically at how simple business solutions can be. His keynotes, "Stop Acting Your Age! An Entertaining Keynote to Help You Avoid Generational Warfare" and "You’re Not an Acronym – A Practical Approach To Leadership” have quickly become a must-have for any event where audiences want to learn something new while laughing at the same time. You’ll soon learn why one of Matt’s clients has called him “both the funniest and most informative speaker I have ever heard in my life.”

Test of 3 - Matt Havens

The Test of Three

It’s not an outrageous statement to say we’ve become polarized.  Whether it’s driven by a 24-hour television cycle, social media, or your next door neighbor’s conspiracy theories, there’s a lot of “either/or” going on. You’re either Republican or Democrat. You’re either too young to understand or too old to know better. You’re either right, or…

Will AI Destroy Humanity

AI Can’t Replace Leadership (Yet): How to Stop Worrying and Get Busy Leading

It’s hard to go far without hearing about the impacts of Artificial Intelligence.  Depending on who or what you listen to, AI is going to range from helping us marginally improve our lives to completely running our lives altogether. The answer? AI is going to ruin the world as we know it. Feel better?  You…

journaling tips

Five Lessons Learned from Journaling for a Year

I’ll admit it.  It feels a little cliché to talk about journaling during the New Year’s timeframe.  It feels like everyone already does it, has done it before, or started journaling on January 1st determined to make this year the year! My goal isn’t to convince you to journal.  Instead, I want to share what…